Force Gauge

Screwed onto the end of a press ram with a work armature screwed onto the opposite face. Displays actual lbs/tonnage being exerted on work.

Force Gauge in Cincinnati, OH

A convenient versatile tool for measuring the actual force in a typical machine shop, quality control, or assembly area of a manufacturing facility.

Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Body

Simple                       Clean                   Effective

            No electronic hookups required

All models                                                Just  $485.00

 When you are in search of an exceptional force gauge in Cincinnati, OH, ours is a time-saving, accurate way to re-setup any three jaw turning application, or vise setups, where deformity from too much clamping pressure effects finish geometrical size and shape. No more "hit and miss" adjusting the chuck circuit hydraulic pressure. Just hold in place and clamp it. See the force!

Force Gauge in Cincinnati, OH